How would you feel if a stranger randomly offered to sell you a newborn baby? Aside from the fact that this violates Republic Act 8552 or the law on Domestic Adoption, the act itself is wrong and potentially dangerous as it is not uncommon for syndicates to take advantage of these children. However, it appears that the illicit baby trade is more common than we’d like to admit, as critically-acclaimed actress Alessandra de Rossi shared how she received an offer to buy an infant for PHP 60,000.


The actress took to Twitter to share how a man who delivered their ‘gasul’ (liquified petroleum gas) asked her if she wanted to buy a newborn baby for ‘only’ PHP 60,000.

Netizens were quick to react to the actress’s tweet.

Could it be true? Let’s look at the facts.
In a report by GMA Network’s “Brigada” in 2013, childless couples who want to avoid the tedious process of legal adoption tend to turn to the underground trade in newborn babies. In fact, there are women who actually sell their children for a living.

A certain “Sarah” who was interviewed for the documentary explained how she sold her first two babies and was planning on selling the infant she was bearing at the time. Her only regret? Selling her first child for such a low price.

While some sell their babies because they are not ready to be parents, there are also others who kidnap them solely for profit. Thankfully, hospitals were able to come up with an infant protection system which can prevent newborns from being kidnapped.

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal