Judy Ann Santos recently appeared on “Tonight Show with Boy Abunda” and she was asked by the veteran host regarding infidelity.

Answering Tito Boy’s question, she said, “Wala eh but for me kasi once you cheat, it’s there already, andiyan na yan, nasa history niyo nang mag-dyowa. Why do you have to cheat? Bakit ka dumating sa puntong nag-cheat? Bakit ‘di mo sinabi sa ‘kin na ‘di ka na masaya? Or something is wrong?”

The married couple began dating back in 2005 and eventually tied the knot on April 28, 2009. That’s almost 13 years of having only one person as your constant companion and partner.

With a confident smile, Judy Ann added that her husband has remained faithful to her every single second they were together.

“Wala. Siguro napakaswerte ko sa partner. Nakahanap ako ng asawa na super honest. Hindi naman niya kailangan sabihin sa akin araw-araw that he loves me but we always say we love (each other). Hindi ako nagdedemand but he does it anyway and I love it. Kasi pahaba ng pahaba ang buhok ko, pa-trim nga ako ng pa-trim. I think that’s really important.”

In the same interview, Judy Ann has acknowledged the great contribution her husband gave in order for her to have a happy and fulfilled life. He has been her pillar and together they have made Judy Ann’s wish come true: to have a wonderful family.

In other news regarding the star, Judy Ann Santos that her upcoming film “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes” would be a great comeback movie for her long career.

“It’s the perfect material na di ini-expect ng mga tao kung ano ang pwede mangyari sa aming pelikula.”

The story revolves around the heartbreaking issue of infidelity and dishonesty between couples. Both Judy Ann and Angelica’s characters are devoted wives who found out that their husbands were unfaithful.

What is your take on Judy Ann and Ryan’s relationship? Do you believe that the relationship between these two celebrities is that great? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!


Source: TNP - Trending News Portal