According to ‘Bagani‘ director Lester Pimentel, Enrique Gil was involved in a minor accident that hurt his foot. The accident happened while the ‘Bagani’ team was taping one of their fight scenes. Apparently, Enrique Gil landed on the side of his foot after a particularly intense running scene, which shot extreme pain up his leg.

Despite this, Direk Lester revealed that the young actor was actually willing to continue with the day’s work, but the team decided to fly him back to Manila (they were doing the shoot in Bataan) so he could rest.

“Ang cino-consider kasi natin is ‘yung long term. ‘Yung sustainability ng katawan,” the director said. Understandably, the team wanted Enrique Gil to be at a hundred percent of his physical facilities as soon as possible, since the show employs quite a lot of physical scenes. It would have been more disastrous if Quen forced himself to continue working despite the foot injury!

These things do not really come as a surprise, since the show’s top billers — Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, are reportedly determined to do their own stunts despite the availability of doubles and stuntmen.

The director divulged how the stuntmen are reduced to showing the actors how to do specific stunts and scenes — when it’s time to shoot, LizQuen still does the stunts themselves.

Additionally, the seasoned director commended the professionalism of the young love team. Despite the stresses and physical demands of doing such a fantaserye:

“Walang bumibitaw, wala talagang bumibitaw,” Direk Lester noted.

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Source: TNP - Trending News Portal