Summer is already here, which means it’s time for parents to stay on-guard about keeping their children cool and hydrated. Although it might be fun to bask in the golden sun – safety and security must always come first. This is especially true with a baby or a toddler who is not capable of keeping an eye on themselves.

Often times, a simple careless mistake can lead to horrific accidents, just like what happened to this small family in South Carolina. The local authorities from North Charleston are planning to file criminal charges against a father after their toddler died when the former forgotten to get him out of a hot car.

Based on a report published by the New York Post, it was Tuesday when the unidentified father was assigned to drop off the toddler at daycare. Spencer Pryor, spokesman of North Charleston police claimed that while on his way to work, he had forgotten about the baby in the backseat.

Now, all of us have experienced a momentary forgetfulness from time to time, but what made this case particularly stomach-churning is the tragic end. Who would have thought that simply forgetting can lead to such disastrous consequences?

With the toddler forgotten, the father immediately set off to work while leaving his car parked outside in the middle of the day. Remember that at this time of the year, the North Carolina sun is especially unforgiving. As a matter of fact, according to National Weather Service, the temperature at that day reached 85 degrees.

When the anxious wife found out that her baby wasn’t at the daycare, she called her husband, who immediately checked the car. At the back seat, he found his unresponsive toddler who lost consciousness due to heat and extreme dehydration. The baby was immediately rushed to the hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival.

Although this story had a tragic ending, let it be a warning to other parents out there. Always keep an eye on your children especially during this scorching season. Find out what people have to say about this below:

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Source: TNP - Trending News Portal