“Teammates for life.” This is the latest message from the AMA Education System, proving once and for all that education is supposed to be more than just catering to your scholastic needs. Education is about fostering learning based on achieving your passions—thus, an embodiment of a confidante, a teammate.

Geline realized in the end that believing in herself is the key to reaching her goals. She wouldn’t be able to fathom this if not for her father who consistently inspired her to do well. For all the countless times that she doubted herself, her father was always there to provide words of encouragement and always did his best to give her a bright future.

Geline’s father personifies AMA, an institution that is not just known for offering a globally-recognized educational system but it also strives to help you discover your potentials until you succeed in life.

AMA is your teammate for life.

Watch AMA Education System’s latest promotional video below.

AMA Education Specials: Teammates For Life

WATCH: Teammates For LifeThe power of encouragement and support from the right people to win over life's challenges. Because life is a team sport.#AMAEducationSpecials

Posted by AMA Education System on Sunday, April 1, 2018

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