It’s not unusual to hear about mothers or fathers getting angry when their child is bullied. There is no parent on Earth who would ever want to witness their kid go through abuse in the hands of another person.


In this viral video that has since then gained mixed reviews from netizens, a young girl was said to have bullied another person who has cancer. To teach the child a lesson on empathy, the young girl’s mother. shaved her daughter’s hair. Or that was what the clip seems to imply.

 The 38-second clip showed a hysterical teenager crying and screaming as her mother shaved her head. After hearing the buzz of the mechanical razor gliding through her hair, the young lady can be seen covering her eyes and screaming. They were speaking in another language so we didn’t know what was being discussed but the mother was very calm as she ‘punished’ her child.

Of course, a lot of netizens had to react to this surprising lesson. Some said that the older woman did too much, regardless of what her child did. There were also comments saying that a child’s humiliation should never be posted on public. But what do you think?

Watch the video:

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal