In a world full of fast-food chains and eat-all-you-cans, how will you lose weight? Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight before but it didn’t take. Did you go on a diet? Did you exercise? Maybe it worked for some people but not for you. Fret not, as this female netizen may have the answer to your weight-loss prayers – water!


A Facebook user named Luchie de Leon is currently inspiring a lot of netizens with her viral post shared on Sunday, March 11, 2018. The post is about Luchie’s weight-loss technique.

She simplified her weight-loss trick into four simple steps:
1. Drink at least two glasses of water before each meal.
2. Drink water every time you feel hungry. Wait for 10 mins and if you’re still hungry, it means you’re need to eat. Otherwise you were probably just thirsty. It’s a mind trick that our bodies sometimes play on us.
3. Put some lemon in your water to detoxify your body.
4. You can try adding ginger to the mix, too.

So far, Luchie’s post has garnered 30,000 reactions and shares. However, she clarified that she’s no fitness expert and her water trick may not work for everyone. She is simply overwhelmed and grateful to have inspired other netizens with her weight-loss journey.

“I didn’t expect that I will get so many reactions, comments, and shares. There were so many friends of mine that messaged me after I posted a pic when I was in Boracay and I was able to reply to only a few of them. And then there’s one friend who asked me to sit and talk about how I lost weight. She was getting too many questions and she encouraged me to post it instead. I was really shocked with a number of shares and likes, I got a lot of positive comments while there’s a few bashers. I couldn’t blame these bashers for not believing that I really didn’t do any work out. I’m happy at least I’ve become an inspiration to most of them.”

There is just no easy way to lose weight. What’s important is setting realistic goals and working consistently to achieve them. Turn that dream into a reality!

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal