An online phone seller gets the weirdest proposition of her life when she encountered a very suspicious customer. This hard-working woman only wanted to earn an income to support herself and her loved ones but facing unbelievably ridiculous people like her customer tends to take its toll. She shared the screenshots of their hilarious exchange that got netizens laughing at the sly man.

Sherlyn Mission Agos is part of this large community on Facebook who sells their products to willing customers. These items range from Korean face masks to real-estate properties but for Sherlyn, her bread and butter comes from selling mobile phones.

There isn’t much downside to this type of business but of course, it also introduces her to different kinds of people with different personalities. In her recent Facebook post to the buy and sell group she belongs to, Sherlyn shared how a suspicious customer actually invited her to go on a date at the Manila Zoo.

This man posed as a sure buyer to one of the pre-loved iPhone 6 units she was actively selling. Because of the standard protocol, Sherlyn asked him where they will meet up to finalize the transaction and nothing could have surprised her more when she saw the man’s reply.

This customer was actually suggesting that they meet up at Manila Zoo! For those who are already veterans when it comes to online shopping, this destination is quite strange which caused Sheryln to reply “Manila Zoo?”
It turns out that this man also wanted to take her on a date to see the lions. Uncomfortable with the idea, this phone seller kindly declined the offer, saying that she was a busy person. The man tried his best to convince her to say yes but when he knew that there was no chance, he irritatingly said that he wasn’t going to purchase the phone anymore.

Here are the netizens’ comments on the story:

What do you think about this weird situation created by the suspicious customer? What would you have done if you were in the phone seller’s shoes?Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!


Source: TNP - Trending News Portal