Are you suffering from any form of joint pain and/or inflammation? If so, then you are probably suffering from arthritis. According to Healthline, it is a general term that encompasses “conditions that share joint pain and inflammation.” If you are experiencing, it is important for you to take note of the necessary foods that you should not intake.


We now give you a list of what you should avoid when you have arthritis:

1. Processed foods – A research conducted in Mount Sinai School of Medicine reported that you can reduce inflammation if you also reduce your fried and processed foods intake. It could also restore the body’s innate defenses.

2. Foods with AGEs (advanced glycation end product) – The advanced glycation end product is a kind of toxin that is present in heated, fried, and grilled, and even pasteurized products that could damage protein inside the body.

3. Foods that contain high sugar – You should avoid consuming sweets such as sodas to reduce your pain.

4. Dairy products – The protein that dairy products carry could possibly weaken the tissue around the joints. You could get your protein from vegetables such as spinach, tofu, and beans as alternatives.

5. Tobacco and alcohol – Obviously, this is harmful to your health. According to Healthline, smokers are more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis, while heavy drinkers are more likely to develop gout.

6. Salty foods – It’s time to check the labels of your food for excessive salt and preservatives because too much consumption of these may result in joint inflammation.

7. Corn oil – Products such as baked goods that contain corn oil or any kind of oil may be tasty but can bring inflammation and pain. Cut those out and start eating products with omega-3 such as olive oil, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds.

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal