What we love about K Brosas is that she is the total package. The comedienne has beauty, wit, and an overflowing amount of talent that has made her one of the most popular names in the comedic local scene. But aside from humor, K is also recognized as a great singer. This is why we were so excited when we heard that she was about to do another major concert soon.

It has been eight years since her last concert but it is only appropriate that her comeback would be for her 18th anniversary in the business. K unknowingly motivated us to attend and support this major project by inviting big names such as her fellow “It’s Showtime” judges and of course, Regine Velasquez.

But the most special appearance that would happen in that concert would be K’s only daughter, Crystal Brosas. It would be a momentous event because it’s the first time that the mother and daughter would perform together on stage.

Apart from this, K also shared that her daughter would be releasing a digital album with Cornerstone Entertainment and she couldn’t be any prouder. We all know that K is her daughter’s biggest cheerleader.

“Gusto niya at the same time gusto ko rin. At saka ‘di ko nasabi kanina magrerelease siya ng sarili niyang album under Cornerstone. Digital din kasisongwriter nga din siya – singer-songwriter. Siya talaga ang humakot ng Miss Talent. ‘Yung comedy lang akin.”

Would this be the start of Crystal’s entry into the showbiz world? Well, for K, as long as Crystal finishes colleges first then there would be no problem.

“Well, 20 years old na siya. Ang sabi ko lang tapusin niya muna ang school – college muna. Kaya nga okay lang ‘yung digital album kasi uso ‘yun ‘di ba, digital album. At least wala pa masyadong promo, wala pa masyadong TV appearances. At saka okay naman siya sa school.”

Are you excited to witness K Brosas slay in her 18th anniversary concert? Do you think that Crystal’s digital album would be a successful hit? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!


Source: TNP - Trending News Portal