Daniel Padilla has come a long, long way to become the celebrity that he is today. It is no secret that the actor entered showbiz to be able to help his mother, Karla Estrada, provide for their family. Karla was a single parent with four kids and she needed all the help she can get. That’s when Daniel stepped in.


Now, their family is experiencing an extreme amount of blessing. Daniel Padilla is not only a talented actor but a person who is well loved and supported by millions of people all around the country. Endless projects and endorsements came their way, which meant that there would be no more problems concerning about finances.

But, we do admit that we’re curious to know about the dynamic between Daniel and Karla when it comes to money. The actor and his rumored girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo are currently in Thailand for a vacation and going abroad isn’t cheap.

So, does he ask his mother for money or is he the one in charge of everything? The Queen Mother spills that although Daniel has cash with him, it’s her who pays for his credit cards. According to a report by PUSH, Karla often gives him pocket money for trips like these but Daniel would always return the excess or the whole amount if he didn’t use the money at all.

“Pag-uwi minsan walang bawas yun. Oo, babalik niya.” Karla said.
She added, “Pag may gusto siya, hihingi lang siya sa akin. May access siya kasi and/or kami pero hindi siya kukuha nang hindi niya sasabihin sa akin lalo na pag malalaki na.”

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal