It feels like it was just yesterday when Kristine Hermosa was happily explaining the meaning behind the name of her baby daughter on the now-defunct talk show, “The Buzz.” Today, the aforementioned baby daughter has grown up into an adorable little girl. Let’s meet Ondrea Bliss, Kristine’s unica hija.


Upon seeing her for the first time, it would be impossible for you not to notice her chubby cheeks. However, Ondrea Bliss is more than just her puffy cheeks and adorable eyes (which impeccably resemble that of her dad, Oyo Boy Sotto).

Behind her petite figure lies great strength! On March 1, 2017, Kristine shared pictures of her workout buddies, Ondrea and her brother, Kristian Daniel.

This little girl also helps her siblings clean the house! Their mother must be so proud.

As the family’s unica hija, she is well taken care of by her parents.

As a responsible daughter to her parents and a caring sister to her siblings, Ondrea constantly brings unending joy to her family.

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal