Luis Manzano must have felt moved by JM de Guzman’s comment about him. In a recent interview, the returning actor mentioned that his former girlfriend Jessy Mendiola is now in good hands. Luis, as a response, was visibly grateful for JM’s remark in a separate interview, proving that there is no bad blood between the two.

“Nabasa ko nga yun, thank you very much for the kind words. Kilala ko naman si JM before, thank you for the kind words.”

According to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Jessy and JM remained pals in spite of what happened in the past. They are also open to work together in the future, and Luis, being an understanding beau to the actress, mentioned that it is alright with him as well.

“I’ll leave it to them, ayokong panghimasukan ang mga ganyang bagay. Ang sa kanila, sa kanila. If ABS decides na magka-project sila, ask them individually. I don’t think I have a say or I should have a say sa trabaho nilang dalawa.”

Lately, rumors about Luis and Jessy settling down soon have been all over the news. As a matter of fact, a recent vacation snap of the couple stirred up speculations that the actor-host finally proposed to Jessy, which Luis quippingly denied in the interview.

Luis admitted he hasn’t proposed to Jessy yet, though their friends have been ‘hoping’ that it would happen sometime soon. They’re simply having fun with each other for the meantime. The TV host-actor also admitted that he likes to joke around the topic of marriage with his friends. Luis also admits that he likes to feel ‘kilig’ at these times.

Nonetheless, Luis shared that it will happen soon though both him and Jessy want the eventual engagement kept within just the two of them first.

“Oo naman, darating naman dun, pero mas tama na kami na muna ang makaalam, we want to keep it private muna kung sakali man na mangyari. If we think it’s the right time to announce an engagement, mangyayari din naman yun. Basta darating na lang yun, everything will be set when the time comes.”

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Source: TNP - Trending News Portal