Drinking booze is a great way to socialize with your company, but did you know that it also has several health benefits? A medical expert claimed that booze can be a great aphrodisiac in bed when taken moderately.


During her late-night program “Private Nights” on DZMM, Dr. Lulu Marquez claimed that consuming a moderate amount of booze can actually improve your overall performance in bed.

According to the trusted late-night doctor, drinking booze helps to take away the nerves of a person who’s about to do the deed, but there’s a catch:

“Yong alcohol ay binabawasan niya ang inhibition so mas bigay ka… So it’s more of an aphrodisiac pala siya… Kung tama lang ang amount.”

Why does the amount of booze matter so much? Apparently, an excess of alcoholic beverage in your system before getting intimate will cause several problems.

If you’re a man, Dr. Marquez claimed that too much booze will cause a sudden restriction in your blood flow, thus resulting in erection complications. On the other hand, for the ladies, consuming too much alcohol can cause vaginal dryness since she will have trouble in lubrication:

“Hindi dapat sobra. Bakit? Kung sa kalalakihan, matutulog siya… Your penis will not be erect… (because of) low blood flow. Alcohol makes you dehydrated… so you will have vaginal dryness.”

To prevent these from happening, Dr. Marquez advised to consume alcohol moderately before or while doing the deed. If you’re planning to get intimate with someone, it is better to refrain from consuming too much booze to ensure that you will have a great time in bed later.

In the end, the doctor claimed that it all boils down to moderate drinking:
“It [alcoholic beverage] can be an aphrodisiac sometimes, but it’s not often thought of as a performance-enhancer in the bedroom. Pag-inom-inom ng kaunting alcohol, puwede. Kasi it can provoke a sexual desire. Pero kapag sobra, it will take away the performance.”

Many people found this advice useful, resulting in a forum wherein people also shared their similar experiences:

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal