Children are naturally adorable beings. Most people tend to cuddle a child, or even kiss them, whenever they see one. This seemingly innocent act of showing affection, though, might cause an unimaginable hazard to the young one. Recently, a mother took to social media to share the horror she felt when she found cold sores inside her son’s mouth.


According to Samantha Rodger, her one-year-old son Juliano was just like any other adorable baby. One day though, she found bloody blisters all over her child’s mouth. Panicked, she took him to the doctor to see what those bleeding sores were. After a quick check-up, the doctor diagnosed him with the flu coupled with a minor case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. The physician assured her that it will go away after one week.

Unfortunately, things got worse for Juliano as the wounds spread to his neck and stomach. The worried mother immediately rushed her child to the hospital where he underwent several tests to find out what those cold sores really are.

The doctors then decided to check if the young boy would test positive for herpes simplex type 1 virus (HSV). Sadly, the tests came back positive, leaving Samantha confused.

The mother said that she has no clue as to how her child got infected since she doesn’t know anyone who could be possibly carrying the disease. She said in an interview:

“It sucks because it’s a lifelong problem now.”

Based on studies, herpes can be spread, not only through s*xual contact, but also through simple skin-to-skin contact. A person, especially a child, could easily contract this disease just by touching a contaminated object.

Watch the video below to learn more about what happened to the child:

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal