Agatha Christie said that “a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.” For Nikki Valdez, this holds true even in the face of unexpected trials. Nikki’s daughter, Olivia Ysabelle, suffers from a congenital condition called Symbrachydactyly, which is characterized by the underdevelopment of a person’s fingers.

Despite this condition, Nikki’s unica ija stands triumphant, something that the Kapamilya actress takes pride in as she honors Limb Difference Awareness Month on social media.

While she admitted to fretting over Olivia, Nikki Valdez has unwavering faith in her daughter. This faith was bolstered by the advice of her daughter’s hand doctor which was to treat her like you would a normal child.

“The best option is to change her diapers three times a day, feed her daily and give this child all the love and care in the world for what I see in front of me is a very smart and beautiful baby.”

With the love and support she gets from her mom and her family, Olivia grew up as the kind of daughter that makes everyone around her proud every day.

Read Nikki’s full caption below.

Talk about unconditional love!

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