OFW Shares Conversation With Abusive Friend Who Asked For Too Much Help


Most Filipinos try their luck on a foreign land in order to have a more prosperous life for them and their family. Despite the hardships of fitting in into some foreign land’s culture and people, the day by day struggles and most importantly the loneliness of being far away from one’s family, OFWs still endure and strive in order to provide a modest quality of life for their families they left in the Philippines.Some Filipinos have this notion that when their OFW friend or relative successfully lands on a good job abroad, it means automatic fortune for them. Little they know that every penny our OFW earns abroad is equivalent to blood, sweat and tears they shed daily.
Just like in the experience of this netizen whom through his Facebook account, he shared a conversation between him and a friend in the Philippines who kept asking him for money.

He said his friend keeps on asking money which he says he will pay for food and other things for his wife and his kids.

Netizen was generous and kind enough to inform his friend that he will make a remittance and send a certain amount of money.

His friend, however, kept on insisting that he should send additonal amount as he badly needs more for his family to pay their rent.

The friend even asked if he has an extra cellphone.

Despite successfully sending money, his friend says the amount seems still not enough.

The friend even ask to adjust his time to make the remittance.

The friend also added that he now has problems concerning his youngest child.

After all he did, his friend still asks for more money to be sent.

The money has been successfully transferred.

But it seems that the friend is still not contented.

He even made it seems like the OFW has to be responsible of his family.

Just when you think it is all over, he even asked for a mere cellphone load.

The friend still continued to communicate with him and ask for more money which made him decide to post their conversation for the friend to learn his lesson.

haha. hnd nmn namin pinupulot ung pera sa ibng bansa.natulungan na kita isang beses.kea ok na un. abusado ka na…

Posted by Mharlon Prieto Rioveros on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Many fellow OFWs on the other hand said that they too can relate with what the netizen went through and they complete empathize with him.

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal