A female netizen’s graduation photo has been making rounds on Facebook, thanks to its hilarious and somewhat ‘inspiring’ caption.

In a now-viral post by the Facebook page “Random Stuff”, the profile photo of a certain Lalican Erinhel Lapig was uploaded along with the original message which she wrote for her graduation day. According to Lapid’s caption, she is supposedly a proud alumna of the University of the East, with a degree in Accountancy, Business and Management from Batch 2017-2018.

Lapid enumerated a number of awards, from being the batch’s Overall Rank 1 to bagging the Highest Honors. At first glance, it seems like this girl has it all.

However, upon reading the latter part of her caption, it was revealed that these were actually the awards that her classmates received.

That’s right, none of the achievements in the long list was hers.

To make things even more hilarious, Lapig said she never aspired to graduate with any awards anyway. After all, she said we will all die eventually. Talk about a dark humor!

The netizen ended her post with, “Basta alam ko mahal ako ng magulang ko.”

Read her entire post below!

A lot of people found her caption funny and inspiring, and here are some of their comments:

As of writing, the post has garnered over 105,000 likes, 16,000 shares, and 6,600 comments.

What can you say about this netizen’s hilarious caption for her graduation photo? Comment away!


Source: TNP - Trending News Portal