This post of netizen Katrina Paraiso is nearing 10,000 shares as of writing, not even 24 hours after it was originally posted. Why? It’s because of the mysterious photobomber in some of the selfies she shared. See, Katrina Paraiso took some photos of herself while alone in the dark, at home. To her shock, a young girl seems to have posed with her! A kid appeared, reclined in the floor behind her when she took the photos.

The original photo was actually a bit too dark to discern the supposedly ghastly sight behind her. She then applied numerous filters to make her photobomber more visible.

Some netizens were skeptical. A few suggested it may have been just one of her cousins or nieces. However, Katrina insisted she was alone in their home in the Philippines. All of her young cousins were in Japan at the time she took the selfies.

Coincidentally, the netizen revealed she had a young brother who died. It couldn’t have been her sibling’s spirit, though, as the “ghost” appeared to be a girl.

The other skeptics in the comments section insisted the photos may have been edited. Others noted that the angles of Katrina Paraiso’s selfies suggest that she took it with more than enough empty space — and for what reason? She may have done so in order to edit the “photobomber” in.

However, there are a lot of netizens who believe that paranormal activity was actually involved in the spooky photos. After all, these netizens probably had experiences with ghosts themselves!

Have you had any experiences with the paranormal in your life? Do you believe the young girl that was in the photos is actually a ghostly photobomber? If not, what do you think it is? Let us know in the comments section below!


Source: TNP - Trending News Portal