You will never know the feeling of joy and excitement that comes with being a mother until you become one yourself. This story is about motherhood and how it is indeed to feel the best feeling this world could ever offer.

Saab Magalona Bacarro shared on her Instagram account a photo of her breastfeeding his son, Pancho. She lost Panchos’s twin last February 8 while Pancho, on the other hand, stayed for two months in the Intermediate Care Unit (ICU).Last April 5, 2018, they finally get to bring home their lovely son.

The post as of this writing garnered more than thirty-six thousand likes and comments, most of them sharing their experiences as a mother and commending Saab’s resiliency despite what she had experienced during her first pregnancy.

Here are some of the comments shared by her fans:

“Congrats, Mommy Saab! I share the same sentiments. Mom of a 33wker here. It’s like every step is an “achievement unlocked”. The joy of learning cup feeding, the frustration of latching problems and clogged ducts; and the excitement when the little one was finally latching properly! ???? Our baby is almost 4 months now and I’m still on house arrest haha (by choice). Enjoy every bf session. Soon, Pancho will be giving you the look of love while feeding, and it’s the best feeling ever. ???? PS. KMC is ?”.

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Source: TNP - Trending News Portal