There is an old love maxim the goes like this saying “the more you hate, the more you love”. This is what a viral Facebook post is all about after proving that love moves in a mysterious ways.

As seen on True Love Confessions, this tragic love story revolved around the beautiful girl and an ugly man, which could bear a resemblance to as a modern day version of the classic tale of “Beauty and the Beast”

As narrated by the beautiful girl, the story stared when they met at the school. She was studying that time while the man was a trishaw driver. According to her own description, she was a beautiful lady who never had a boyfriend while the man was simply ugly with a heart.

At first, she thought the man named Kiel as an annoying, foolish person. However, as the time goes by, she became close to him because of the great effort that the man put to make her happy. As what she wrote, Kiel always fetch her in the school and he always gave her a free ride in her trishaw.

Then one night, a change of heart happened to the beautiful girl when she finally felt the attraction to Kiel. According to her, she can’t explain how that happened. The next thing they knew, they were consummate their love for each other that lead to her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, her parents did not like what they did so they disown her. As expected, the couple lived together. During that time, Kiel worked hard to support the girl and their baby. Meanwhile, the girl bathed and cleaned him.

However, one night change the course of their future when Kiel did not go home. Later, the girl found out that he was in the hospital after he was stabbed by unidentified suspects. According to the reports, Keil opposed to give a 300 pesos to the suspects, causing him to stab.

As of now, the girl went back to her family, who already accepted the child.

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Source: TNP - Trending News Portal