Most of us abide by the mantra that posits real beauty comes from within. Nevertheless, we can’t help but admire those who look good on the outside. In fact, this girl’s “puberty transformation” drew a lot of attention on Facebook. Erika ‘Cai’ Cortez sparked debate on social media because of the physical transformation that she underwent.


Cai shared a throwback photo that showed her younger, darker skinned self. The pic was taken during her graduation day, given that she was wearing a toga while holding a framed diploma. Fast forward to Cai’s recent pics that show off her much fairer complexion, and you’ll also be at a loss as to how she managed the transformation.

Cai’s before and after photos stirred debate among netizens, with some claiming that she might have used whitening soap and others saying she had herself injected with Glutathione.

As for Cai, she explained that she had been using Kojic soap, a whitening soap popular among Filipinos. For those who want to achieve fairer skin, Cai’s case could attest to the brand’s effectiveness.

However, many netizens didn’t buy Cai’s explanation as they believe using whitening soap isn’t enough to explain the radical change in her complexion.

What can you say about this? Do you also wish to have fairer skin? Do you know others who also underwent a drastic “puberty transformation?” Share your comments, reactions, and suggestions below. Don’t forget to share this story with your friends online!

Source: TNP - Trending News Portal