Having an unusual dark skin patches in the neck, armpits, elbows, knees, knuckles, lips, palms, soles of the feet and even in the groins are usually the common grounds for bullying. However, this skin condition is more than meets the eye. Do you know that having these unusual dark skin patches could be an implication of a more serious health condition? Here is the answer.


According to a Facebook post of doctor Willie Ong, an online health and wellness personality, this uncommon darkening and thickening of selected body parts could be an early sign of diabetes. To say the worst-case scenario, it might develop into a type 2 diabetes later in your life if left untreated.

Type 2 diabetes is the considered the most common form of diabetes. This is caused by the hyperglycemia or abnormal amount of insulin in the blood. The usual health complication that you could get from suffering a type 2 diabetes includes:

? Alzheimer’s disease

? Various cardiovascular illness

? Various skin conditions

? Neuropathy (nerve damage)
? Nephropathy (kidney damage

? Retinal problems (eye damage)

? Foot damage

? Hearing damage

Scientifically known as the acanthosis nigricans, this skin condition usually appears to people suffering from obesity. As stated by the American Academy of Dermatology, the typical cause of acanthosis nigricans is the excessive amount of insulin in the bloodstream.

Other possible health conditions that could trigger acanthosis nigricans are:

? Stomach cancer

? Addison’s disease

? Pituitary gland disorder

? Less thyroid hormones in the body

? High levels of niacin

Start caring for your health today. If you think you have this kind of skin condition, do not hesitate to visit a dermatologist for a medical examination. It is always important to know your health status.

All the contents of this article came from doctor Willie Ong, American Academy of Dermatology, healthline.com and mayoclinic.org

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